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Progress provide Pre Bachelor training program (trainingzentrum) in Indonesia and assistance with professional mentor for 3 months in Germany


Progress provide Pre Master training program (trainingzentrum) in Indonesia and assistance with professional mentor for 1 month in Germany


PROGRESS provides the opportunity to have Homestay program to Germany for Indonesian students to improve their German language skill.

What else we provide?


Progresschule is German Language School program which featured in PROGRESS cooperating with prominent language institutions in Frankfurt,Berlin, Halle, Bonn, Germany.


Germany provides many alternative higher educations beside studying in Universities. Ausbildung is a form of vocational training in which student study and work simultaneously.


Study tour is a alternative study program package for Indonesia students who plan to study abroad to explore several favorite universities in Germany, the development of science, technology, and culture abroad especially in Germany.

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What our STUDENTS say

Studi di Jerman, memberikan pengalaman luar biasa tanpa batas, yang
tidak bisa di dapatkan di Indonesia. Budaya, Sejarah, Kerajaan, Lingkungan, Multikultur menambah wawasan saya
menghadapi dunia global tanpa batas.
Terimakasih kepada PROGRESS  yang membantu seluruh persiapan kuliah saya di Jerman, yang merupakan Ranking ke-10 Universitas Terbaik di Dunia (QS Global World).

Nurul Azkiyah Sanaji
SMA Al-Masoem Bandung

Program persiapan menyeluruh membantu sekali buat saya sewaktu akan studi  bahkan saat di Jerman.  terima kasih PROGRESS STUDI JERMAN

Fadilla Aulia Rachma
SMAN 1 Cikarang Barat

"Kesan pertama belajar di PROGRESS cara mengajarnya jelas, mudah dimengerti, praktis dan seru serta dapat masukan & strategi untuk masuk Studienkolleg."

Farrel Abid Fulvian
MAN 4 Jakarta

"I want to thank PROGRESS, for language learning guidance Germany that has been given to me. From the beginning I could not speak at all Germany, until now I have master the German language, through the teacher experienced I feel very happy can study at PROGRESS."

Andi Tubagus Alisyahbana
SMA Darul Hikam Bandung
"I want to say thank you now I have been accepted at Leibniz University of Hanover majoring in Economics. At first I didn't know anything about how to study in Germany but PROGRESS makes it easy to manage my study in Germany, learning the language too exciting, can know many friends both struggled to study in Germany. "
Muhammad Agung Ridla
SMAN 1 Mataram, NTB

Who we are

Commencing from a Student Private Organization in the
field of education and culture which founded in 2004
based in Berlin, this organization becomes the education
consultant or strategic partner of educational agents in
Indonesia which has sen t mor e th an a thousand
prospective students and 400 hundred who until now still
are still studying in Germany.
PROGRESS declared its existence in Indonesia in 2006
under the limited liability of Progress Prima Indonesia
which dedicates as international education consultant
institution with alumnus graduating from post graduate and
doctoral program in Germany who are experts in
educational field.
The dedication of PROGRESS in the field of education and
culture is becoming more and more developed by the
establishment of training center (Trainingszentrum)
and the cooperation with several institutions and
government agencies which confirms this institution under


  • 1000 Students Throughout Indonesia
  • Representative Office
    Jakarta Bandung - Yogyakarta - Frankfurt
  • Highly Trusted Education Consultant Since 2004



To be the organizing institution in serving as International
Education Consultant that is realiable and professional to
prepare the next generation of Indonesia who can compete in
international scope in the field of science, research and


 To prepare the best Training Center (Trainingszentrum) in the field of education and culture.

To organize a reliable Linguistic Coaching Center in Indonesia for the purpose of education and research abroad.

To initiate the establishment of working network among education provider institutions

To build a strong partnership with government agencies and private sector, the embassy of host countries and Educational Institutions in Indonesia and abroad. 






About us

PROGRESS is an international education consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia, being a subsidiary of Progress Prima Pendidikan Foundation. It was founded by some alumnae of postgraduate and doctoral degree program from Germany who own expertise in the field of higher education management. It is comprised of professional team members who have had extensive experience since 2004. Its primary mission is to help support and prepare the Indonesian students who want to study abroad or join an internship program in Germany, Switzerland, and France.

A proven and unique training center of PROGRESS caters a one-stop service solution for the students by unleashing their potential, talent and passion. Our services cover academic consultancy, bureaucratic services, English learning center with specific programs like TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, and IELTS
preparation test, German course programs like German TELC test, Studienkolleg (pre-university) domestic preparation test and cultural program, which is designed to prepare the Indonesian students before they depart to Germany so that they can live as well as interact within a new society and culture with a strong English and German language background.


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